2014 Camino Francés

Day 8: Torres del Rio to Logroño

June 27, 2014

In the Basque Country, you are served ‘pintxos’. It is never written ‘pinchos’ and they are never called ‘tapas’. This is the case regardless of whether it is served ‘pinchado’ to a piece of bread with a cocktail stick or not.” –Damian Corrigan, Spain Travel Expert*

Route: Torres del Rio to Logroño
Date:  27 June 2014
Distance:  25 km (12.4 mi)
Accommodations:  Albergue Santiago Apóstol

Armanda’s still asleep back at Albergue Pata de la Oca and Yeni, Olalla, Ana, and Al, who got up this morning at 3AM for a night walk, are somewhere far ahead of me. I am at peace, ready to follow arrows…

Person's feet in blue running shoes behind a yellow arrow on rocks pointing north

Just follow the yellow arrows.


Dawn looking at Sansol from Torres del Rio:

Morning light and scenery:

0726 Camino Waymarker

0726 Camino Waymarker

0733 View outside Torres.

0733 View outside Torres.

0736 View outside Torres.

0736 View outside Torres.



Between Viana and Logroño:

Camino graffiti:

Logroño Afternoon:

Logroño evening:

(At 6:45PM, I posted the following on Facebook: It’s 6:45 and 31C. Not sure what that is in F but very warm!)

How did you like following arrows? Share your experience in the comments!

*Learn more about The Difference Between Pintxos, Pinchos, and Tapas from Spain travel expert, Damian Corrigan.

For Logroño Pintxo suggestions, try Liz’s Five Favorite Pintxos and/or Savoured Journey’s How to do a Pinchos Crawl.

Click the photo below to see my photos from yesterday, Day 7Day 7: Ayegui to Torres del Rio

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