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February 15, 2014

It’s been 13 years since I last ventured out of the United States. “How can that be possible?” I ask myself, as someone who traveled to well over 15 different countries in her twenties. Life just got in the way: a year and a half doing post-graduate work; a new career; two long-term relationships with people who didn’t have the time or inclination; trips in the States (traveled to Zion National Park on three or four separate occasions and loved it each time – want to go back again!)…

But a year or two ago, I started feeling the travel bug creeping back: that old desire to experience something new and different; new people, new places, new smells, new sights…

This won’t be my first time in San Jose del Cabo but I imagine it has changed quite a bit since I was there in the mid-nineties. It was a sleepy little town at that time and all our meals consisted of delicious tacos from the street vendors.

This time I will be staying north of town, in sleepy La Playita at Palapas Resort, a thirty-minute walk to downtown and a 5-minute walk to the beach. Palapas sounds like it would be the ideal place for an extended family or large group of friends to stay; the entire place can be rented for $350 per night and has an outdoor kitchen/barbecue area but there are individual rooms and cabanas so people can have their own space.

My plan is to take my walking shoes and spend a lot of time hiking around (to help me prepare for my upcoming Camino in Spain). I’ll take some books (and suspect that at a place like this, many people will have left books behind that I can read), eat at the local restaurants, relax on the beach and in the small infinity pool, and people watch.

Featured Photo Credit: Ana Rodríguez Carrington

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