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Christmas Hike & WordPress is Kicking My Butt

December 27, 2014
Trail through scrub with beach and ocean in background

This blog is kicking my butt.

Actually, it would be more accurate to write that moving my blog from one website (Blogger) to another (WordPress) is kicking my butt, for a variety of reasons. For the past several hours, for example, I’ve been attempting to figure out how to incorporate a tile mosaic-style layout for my photos to replace the default thumbnail style. I’ve installed, activated, de-activated, and re-activated several plugins, with names like “JetPack” and “Akismet” and “Disqus” several times, moved widgets around, Googled information on migration and SEO and gravatar. I’m balking at studying the meaning of CSS but I have finally learned the difference between a category and a tag. I think. Ahead of me still lies learning how to redirect traffic from my Blogger site to this one

Why press on, you might well ask? In a nutshell…money is motivating me. Because in October I paid a fair amount of money to have a self-hosted domain, which, in (sort of) regular language means I wanted to own my domain name,, and all my content. (Amanda, over at A Royal Daughter, does a fantastic job of explaining all this.) And having payed said money, to give up now would essentially mean throwing that money out the proverbial window.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times that I enjoy a challenge. But for some reason, this just feels like a lot of overwhelming work.

With any luck, in the long run, I will look back and say, “How fortunate I bought my domain, which forced me to stick with this.” For the time being, let’s just say I’m forcing myself to move forward.

By the way, although I’m extremely uncomfortable about “launching” my new site before it’s finished (read: perfect), I’ve decided to go for it with this post because the truth is, it will never be perfect and I’m fairly certain I will be unable to fix all the glitches and reformat all 700+ photos and reconfigure all the links before my vacation is over.

So as you check out the new format, dear Reader, please keep in mind that it’s still under construction and be gentle with me.  😉

P.S. Clicking on one photo will bring them all up in LightBox, which is recommended.

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  • kathy December 31, 2014 at 23:07

    I like the new layout!!!
    press on!

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