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October 8, 2014
Silhouettes of three people on a bench at dusk

“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.'”  
     ―H. Jackson Brown Jr., author of “Life’s Little Instruction Book” 

Writer’s block? 

Are you considering submitting a post as a guest author to Sometimes She Travels about your journey to Santiago but feeling stumped about where to begin? Below are some questions to help you get your creative juices flowing. These questions are meant only to give you some ideas, not to in any way structure your writing, which will be be much more enjoyable to read if it’s free-flowing and in your own style. So feel free to include the following or not. (Each one could be an entire post in and of itself!)
  • Why did you decide to walk the Camino? Were you inspired by someone or something specific?
  • What obstacles, mental, physical, emotional, financial, etc., if any, did you overcome to create this experience?
  • What were the highlights of your experience and/or what was the most moving experience of your pilgrimage? 
  • Was doing the Camino life-changing/transformational and if so, how?
  • Camino friendships: Who did you meet and how did they affect you? How are they still affecting you?
  • What was preparation and training like for you?
  • Were there times before or during your journey that you felt like giving up? What kept you going?
  • Is there a particularly humorous or poignant anecdote from your trip? 
  • Camino romance? Everyone loves a romantic story…
Featured Photo Credit, “Evening Stories” by Khalid Almasoud

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