Camino de Santiago

The Film that Inspired Me to Walk the Camino (2)

September 14, 2014

“The film is gorgeous, filled with beautiful landscapes. The stories of the pilgrims are engaging and leave you with a yearning to pick up your pack and join them.”  

“To me the Camino is a contradiction; it’s friendship and it’s being alone, it’s culture and it’s nature, it’s challenge and it’s resting…” explains Tomás, one of the pilgrims that was filmed in this documentary about six people walking the Camino Francés. 

I think of the Camino less as a contradiction and more as microcosm of, or metaphor for, life in general; there is and always will be seeming contradictions but in reality, these are simply the opposite sides of the same coin; one cannot exist in isolation from the other, whether or not we are aware of the relationship between them. 

Many tangible dualities (such as light and dark, high and low, hot and cold, fire and water, life and death, male and female, sun and moon, and so on) are thought of as physical manifestations of the duality of yin and yang.” –Wikipedia 

What inspired you to walk the Camino de Santiago? Or what would inspire you to walk the Camino de Santiago?

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  • David French March 3, 2015 at 07:55

    I had already made firm plans to walk when I first saw “Walking the Camino.” It is a wonderful documentary, that I recommend to all who are contemplating a Camino pilgrimage.I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lydia Smith twice as I live in Portland and have seen her film 5more times than I like to admit(5) and also own a copy)

    • Sometimes She Travels March 14, 2015 at 16:13

      I didn’t realize that you live in Portland, David. My mom lives in Vancouver, WA so I get up there every-so-often. Perhaps we can get together for a Camino training hike next time I’m there. I haven’t met Lydia (yet) but have become friends with Annie O. and appreciate so much that they made this film happen so that I was inspired to walk the Camino.

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