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February 16, 2014
ocean and beach in Baja
I have one medium size Eagle Creek backpack with me, stuffed to the gills. After weeks of researching the Camino, I find myself wondering what “medium” actually means, in terms of liters. Compared to the other travelers on the airporter, I am traveling light, yet I find myself laughing, knowing that I will be in big trouble if I take this much on my Camino. I’m going to weigh this when I get home.
Here’s what I’ve got on my packing list:
Clothing (including what I’m wearing)
YES – 1 black fleece jacket
no – 1 blue cotton t-shirt
no – 1 pair jeans
? – 1 pair running shoes (comfy but lacking tread. remember to write about clarity re: taking trainers instead of boots on Camino. Additionally, I must have a stiff toe box to deal with the hallus rigidus in my root toe and the halls limits in my left toe) After Note: Walked several miles in these today, mostly in sand, some pavement and concrete. What worked – no Achilles issues, comfortable. What didn’t work – Not enough padding, not enough tread, not enough support for hallus rigidus in right toe.
no – 1 pair Tevas After Note: They are comfortable in some ways but unfortunately rub against my right pinkie toe.
YES – 1 pair cool mesh ankle socks
no – 2 pair ? ankle socks (damp from washing)
no – blue and green cotton T-shirt
no – red cotton tank top
YES – black running shorts After note: Or something equivalent. It became clear hiking in the hot sun today that I must hike in shorts, not pants, not capris. When anything below my upper thigh is covered, I am incredibly uncomfortable, even when it isn’t this hot.
no – blue cotton/synthetic tank top
no – black cotton tank top
no – turquoise cotton T-shirt
no – gray cotton flouncy shirt
no – black cotton tank top
MAYBE – Columbia fuchsia long-sleeve sun shirt After Note: Super glad to have this on a long, sunny walk today.
no – green cotton V-neck
MAYBE – black harem pants
MAYBE – white skirt
no – black calf-length skid
MAYBE – sarong
no – black shawl
no – blue scarf
see note – 5 pair underwear After Note: take three sports
lol – 1 apple (I ate it on the plane)
no – 1 500ml bottle of water (which I will throw away before going through security) After Note: As usual, I forgot to throw this away prior to going through Security, which caused some issues and a delay.
YES – 1 Canon digital camera (2 batteries) After Note: Buy a much lighter digital camera. Consider rechargeable over battery-operated.
MAYBE – 1 LowePro camera case (make sure to get a backpack that will allow me to keep a small lightweight digital camera on or in strap)
no – 1 Vanity Fair magazine
no – 3 paperback novels
see note – 1 MacBook Air After Note: iPad Mini instead
no – 1 Cost Plus cotton backpack
no – 2 makeup bags (one to use as a pocket book) After Note: Use quart-size Ziplocs
? – 1 coin purse 
YES – 1 atm card
YES – 1 credit card
YES – 1 pair sunglasses (for cycling, can’t read the brand)
YES – Croakies
YES – 1 ball point pen
HMM – 1 cord to download photos from camera to computer (can I get something with a Blue Tooth connection)
YES – 1 iPod
HMM – 1 iPod recharging cord (way too big and heavy; put some thought and research into this one)
HMM – computer cord
no – 3 fl. oz. Neutrogena 70SPF age shield face
YES – 1 fl. oz. Revlon BB cream, SPF 30
MAYBE – 1/8 tube of 4.7 oz. Tom’s simply white toothpaste
MAYBE – 50 ml shampoo
no – .85 oz. Maybelline Age Rewind Primer
see note – 3 classic Chapsticks (couldn’t find the SPF chapstick) After Note: 1 only
no – 0.5 oz. Clarisonic gel cleanser
MAYBE – 1 2.25 oz. Tom’s natural odor protection deodorant After Note: Maybe one of those deodorant “rock crystal” things
YES – 1 Mary Kay mascara
YES – 1 oz. Eucerin lotion
YES – 3 oz. hairspray After Note: Buy a 1.5 oz bottle and keep track of how long it lasts using it every day
MAYBE – 1 liquid eyeliner pen
no – 1 Benefit under eye concealer
see note – 1 ventilated hairbrush After Note: Bring large-tooth comb instead
see note – 1 regular bristle hairbrush After Note: Find a smaller, lighter version or figure out a way to cut the handle off

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