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February 4, 2014
person in train station with suitcase, backpack, and satchel

My travels inevitably begin with copious research and planning… Lengthy lists were written detailing the most minute necessities: three pairs of socks, two pencils, spare batteries, rope.”  ―Barbara Hodgson, The Tattooed Map


The first time I went to Spain, I was 24 years old and had decided that living in Spain for a year would be the best way to learn to speak Spanish (which turned out to be true for me; a story for another post). Not only did I take a giant MEI China Clipper backpack (the kind that converts into luggage) I also took a humongous duffel bag. And both were stuffed to the gills. 

I’ll never forget slogging through train stations in England to visit a friend who lived outside of London during my two day layover hauling those ridiculous bags. It was quite embarrassing actually. 

For my upcoming journey, this walk across northern Spain, I plan to keep it quite simple, benefitting from the experience of those who’ve gone before me. I’m very grateful to the former pilgrims who have detailed what gear they took, what they wish they didn’t take, and what they wish they had taken. This time I plan to be much better prepared.

How did you go about planning for what gear to take for your Camino? Let us know in the comments.


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