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More Thoughts About Packs

May 3, 2014

I’m headed to REI to pick up a sleeping bag I ordered online; the Marmot Nanowave 45+. At this point, I’m torn as to whether or not it’s necessary for my sleep system; there seem to be two camps. Truth is, if there are blankets available at the albergues, I should be fine with just a liner. But I digress.

So what I’m running into regarding the backpacks is that with the Osprey Sirrus 36, which is the current frontrunner, everything fits, but just barely. Today I’m going to try stuffing lunch in there. The Kyte 46 isn’t larger from top to bottom (at least not noticeably) than the Sirrus but can hold more so I end up with more wiggle room, to my mind, a benefit. The sleeping bag could make or break it. (The weight between the two backpacks isn’t negligible; the Kyte 46 weighs in at half a pound heavier than the Sirrus 36).

Now my thoughts are also turning to trying out the Kyte 36. Geez Louise.

*Footnote: I went to REI to pick up the sleeping bag and ended up trying the Kestrel 38 and the Kyte 36. Superficially, the Kestrel felt all wrong despite my efforts to adjust the various aspects. It would have been nice to add just a couple extra liters. The Kyte 36 felt great (as does the 46). Made me think it might be worth trying it out for awhile (although its pastel-y raspberry pink color doesn’t appeal to me as much as the purple orchid of the Sirrus.)

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